• How can I get a new meter / water service on a property that is currently without?

    Montecito Water District is now ready to assist with your application for a new water meter.  See the New Meters & CWSA's page for complete information on the meter application process. The District’s application process must be completed prior to the issuance of a new water meter for any property.

  • How can I learn more about Copper in Customer Water?

    Montecito Water District has provided this: Public Outreach Regarding Copper in Customer Tap Water.
    These are the top 3 things for customers to know:
    1. Water supplied to customer meters meets all standards.
    2. Lead and copper testing at taps on sample properties routinely provides results which are reported privately and directly to the customer.
    3. Customers: Please contact the District at 805.969.2271 with any questions about water quality or service.

  • Will Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) affect my Water Service?

    MWD is prepared for Southern California Edison’s potential planned power outages and these will not affect water service. All critical District facilities are equipped with emergency backup power, which is used during power outages to provide uninterrupted service to our customers.

  • What are the water use regulations for Swimming Pools?

    For swimming pools, an application and written authorization from the District is required to fill or re-fill pools; this may be done once every five (5) years. Existing water levels may be maintained.

    Please click here for all current water use regulations.

  • What is the capital cost recovery fee?

    The capital cost recovery fee represents a "share" of the existing water distribution system and facilities which have been designed for a limited number of service connections. This system has been paid for in part by the existing customer base. A capital cost fee is charged for additions to this system in order to have all customers equally invested, thereby ensuring proper maintenance and improvements.

  • As a well user, do I need a backflow prevention assembly?

    Yes. In order to prevent cross-connections, Federal and State regulations require that a backflow prevention assembly be installed on any property that has a public and private water supply, even if those two systems are not interconnected. The assembly must be installed at the District meter and the property owners are responsible for maintaining it in proper working condition.

  • What's the status on Recycled Water for MWD?
    • The District remains focused on efficiently, effectively, and affordably implementing a recycled water project.
    • Recycled Water would extend drinking water supplies, further enhance water supply reliability, and better prepare the District for future droughts.
    • Montecito Water District (MWD) and wastewater treatment agency Montecito Sanitary District (MSD) are meeting regularly to facilitate collaboration on the implementation of water reuse / recycling.
    • Meetings are public and posted on the District Calendar
    • Have questions? Please contact us at 805.969.2271 to discuss.