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1. Reduce Outdoor Irrigation (Ideas: Reduce watering time by FIVE minutes each session, reduce sprinkler settings by FIVE percent overall, or limit watering to only once every FIVE days.)

2. Find and Fix Leaks (See what a FIVE minute walk around your property might reveal?!)

3. Cover Pools and Spas when not in use (limit evaporation)

4. Mulch landscaping to keep moisture in, could reduce watering needs by FIVE percent or much more! 

5. ​Pools may be drained and filled only once every FIVE years: a written application with District approval is required.


Seize EVERY OPPORTUNITY to keep water use on track!

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Smart planning and follow-through is needed to ensure Montecito Water District continues its 100 year tradition of providing reliable water service to the community.


  • The recent historic drought, attributed to 2012-2018 yet which may in fact be continuing now, highlighted the need for a renewed commitment to planning.
  • In 2017, the District filed its required 2015 Urban Water Management Plan (updated in 2020). 
  • In 2020, the District updated its evaluation of Future Water Demand and Water Supply Options (Bachman, 2020)
  • These projects highlighted the need for this 5-Year Strategic Plan to provide a formal structure for documenting challenges, opportunities, and intended actions. 


The Plan can be found online at:

Customers are invited to pick up a printed copy at the office at 583 San Ysidro Road during regular business hours (8-12 and 1-5, Monday through Friday). Shared public copies are also available at the Montecito Library. 







It's a Great Time to

Join the Conversation


Board Meeting: Wednesday, May 11 9:30am

(Rescheduled from Tuesday, 4/12/2022)


Topics of discussion to include:

​​What are Sustainability Indicators?

How will they be Evaluated?

Sustainable Management Criteria, such as:

Minimum Thresholds for water and contaminant levels


Meeting Schedule, Agendas and Packets will be posted here:  > click 


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​Water Main Replacement:
1300 Block East Valley Road

The Montecito Water District is replacing an 100-year old stretch of pipeline on East Valley Road near Mount Carmel Church during the month of May. This priority project will replace approximately 500 feet of water main that dates back to the 1920's.


Construction Hours: Monday-Thursday 8am to 4pm, Friday 8am-1pm

Please anticipate minor traffic delays. While work is planned in efficient short stretches to minimize impacts, we do recommend avoiding the area during construction hours when possible.

Many thanks to the community for their patience and support as we complete this important project. Upgrading aging infrastructure improves water delivery reliability by reducing water loss experienced during main breaks.




Conservation Coordinator Visits are Free!


Please call 805.969.2271 to schedule your free visit wih the District's Conservation Coordinator and learn how you can reduce water use on your property. 


Watch the VIDEO to Learn More!



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