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Shorter days, cooler nights - 'tis the season to dial back on irrigation.





Message from the General Manager

Nick Turner


Drought conditions are extreme, and the long-term forecast is for another dry winter. The District has planned carefully for drought, but customer water use is over budget. Allowing excess use to continue puts the community at risk of water shortages as soon as 2024. 

We're asking customers to act now and reduce water usePlease be aware that the Board of Directors is preparing to take additional steps to curb usage if customer water use remains above budget. 


While about a third of our customers are using water efficiently, 2 out of 3 customers need to reduce irrigation by 20% or more


The good news for all of those customers who need to cut back is that reducing water use by 20% should be easy to do - here are some examples:

  1. If you currently water for 20 minutes, cut that back to 16 minutes*.
  2. If you currently water 16 days / month, reduce that to 12 days*.

This type of reduction in outdoor water use is needed immediately


To further support water conservation, in the coming months the District is rolling out a pilot program of rebates and water conservation incentivesWe also frequently get asked about "Smart Meters." This project was delayed due to the global semi-conductor chip shortage, and we appreciate your patience as we grapple with supply chain issues. When fully functional, the District's new meters will provide real-time usage data and improved leak detection.


Finally, thank you in advance for taking immediate action to reduce water use and please, help us spread the word: increased water conservation is needed and the District is here to help. 


For additional information or guidance, please contact us directly at 805.969.2271


*Support water retention on your landscapes by using mulch and watering only during early morning or evening hours. Proper use of moisture sensing controllers and other current irrigation practices can dramatically reduce your water use. 



> Click here for more District News and Conservation Resources 


If everyone in the community reduces the duration and / or frequency of watering landscapes, we’ll get back on budget. 



Conservation Coordinator Visits are Free


Please call 805.969.2271 to schedule your free visit wih the District's Conservation Coordinator and learn how you can reduce water use on your property. 


Watch the VIDEO to Learn More!



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