Customer Health is Top Priority for Montecito Water District’s Lead Pipe Inventory

Providing high quality water is a vital part of Montecito Water District’s responsibility and commitment to customer service. Water delivered throughout the District is continuously treated and tested to ensure that it meets or exceeds Federal and State water quality standards in compliance with the United States Environmental Protection Agency's Federal Safe Drinking Water Act and the State of California's Water Resources Control Board requirements.

The pipelines that carry water also play a role in the quality of the water that arrives at the tap.
The Environmental Protection Agency now requires all public water systems to conduct a Lead Service Line Inventory by October 16, 2024, with the goal of identifying any potential sources of lead in tap water associated with water service lines. This inventory applies to both the District-owned portion of the service line which brings water to the meter, and the customer-owned portion of the service line that delivers water from the meter onto individual properties.

“Our customers’ wellbeing is top priority and the primary goal of the inventory is to identify potential sources of lead in tap water because lead is harmful to health,” says General Manager Nick Turner.

No lead was identified during a comprehensive inventory of the District’s pipes completed in 2018. From March through August 2024, an inventory of customers’ pipes will be conducted by the District’s qualified staff using a State approved sampling process with an emphasis on properties built before 1986.

What Can Customers Expect?
Customers may see a Montecito Water District staff member at the water meter collecting inventory data on an iPad and perhaps digging a small hole on the customer’s side of the meter. Customers will be notified immediately if lead pipe is detected, and may also be contacted if staff are not able to access a pipe as needed.
For questions, please contact Adam Kanold, Assistant General Manager/Engineering Manager at 805.969.2271.