Emergency Pumping Barge Successfully Moved to Keep Lake Cachuma Water Flowing


With the extreme drought continuing, Lake Cachuma has dropped to its lowest level ever – about 14% capacity. This is so low that an emergency pumping barge that was installed in late 2014 when the lake fell below the normal water intakes had to be moved again to a deeper part of the Lake.

The emergency pumping barge pumps water into Tecolote Tunnel, which crosses through the mountains to the South Coast, serving Goleta, Santa Barbara, Montecito Water District, and Carpinteria.

While the barge was being moved, there was no water being received from Lake Cachuma. During this time, Montecito Water District continued to have adequate water supplies in storage to meet customer water use at current levels.

Even if the drought continues, Montecito Water District has alternative supplies that will continue to meet customer water demands at current levels for several more years.