Montecito Water District’s January Billing Update

(Montecito, California, January 25, 2018)

Meter reading typically takes place near the end of each month, and is followed by the processing of month-end customer billing. As part of the ongoing recovery effort, the processing of customer bills for January will be postponed until the end of February. At that time, customer bills will cover the period of January through February. Note that late charges will not apply to any outstanding balances during this time.

Montecito Water District‘s impacted infrastructure includes more than 200 damaged customer water service lines which have been temporarily shut off. Some meters are buried under feet of debris and mud and remain inaccessible. The District continues to locate meters as rapidly as possible, and meter readers are noting if meters are inaccessible, damaged, or destroyed.

The District extends its deepest condolences to those impacted by the tragic events of January 9, 2018. It is important to understand that the District recognizes both the distress and resiliency of our community at this time, and intends to act in full support of its customers.


The most current information is posted on our web site:
For answers to questions or additional information, please contact the District via phone (805) 969-2271 or email: The After Hours Emergency Service phone number is (805) 969-2271.

Montecito Water District's mission is to provide an adequate and reliable supply of high quality water to the residents of Montecito and Summerland, at the most reasonable cost. In carrying out this mission, the District places particular emphasis on providing outstanding customer service, conducting its operations in an environmentally sensitive manner, and working cooperatively with other agencies. For additional information visit, like Montecito Water District on Facebook, and follow on twitter @MontecitoWater.