State Stands Firm on Water Conservation


(Santa Barbara, California, February 10, 2017)

“Extreme Drought” status still holds for most of Santa Barbara County, making it unique in the state. Despite voices from wetter counties clamoring for restrictions to be lifted, the State Water Resources Control Board voted unanimously on Wednesday to extend the current water conservation rules through September. While rain falls daily, the Montecito Water District continues to operate as it has during the driest days of the six-year drought.

“Our customers our doing their part to conserve during this time when rainfall is covering their irrigation needs. We have seen a significant decrease in demand in December and January,” said General Manager Nick Turner. “This is exactly what we need to be doing, conserving water when we can so that it will be there when we need it. The conservation message coming from the state is an important one, and our community is very responsive.”

Founded in 1921, The Montecito Water District serves a population of approximately 13,100, providing water to more than 4,600 customers. The Montecito Water District’s mission is to provide an adequate and reliable supply of high quality water to the residents of Montecito and Summerland, at the most reasonable cost. In carrying out this mission, the District places particular emphasis on providing outstanding customer service, conducting its operations in an environmentally sensitive manner, and working cooperatively with other agencies. For additional information visit