March 2, 2018 Storm Preparedness Update

We are pleased to report that the Montecito Water District’s Distribution system is fully operational.

Our overnight / early-morning system monitoring showed no signs of power failure. No impacts to water quality were indicated and we found no interruptions to service resulting from the storm. Inspections of repairs made following the January 9th debris flow have been completed and all findings are satisfactory. If customers observe or experience anything that appears out of the ordinary or causes concern, the office call-line is open and we will be fully staffed today during regular business hours: 805-969-2271.

In preparation for the potential rain forecast for March 2, 2018 the District implemented a stage 2-3 storm preparedness plan in coordination with the OEM. Components of this plan included an all-staff briefing, all-staff and facilities preparation, and critical overnight staffing in key locations for access and monitoring. The District will continue to be prepared and responsive as we progress through the remainder of the rainy season. While each storm requires much action and awareness from the whole community, we are ever-mindful of the need for right-sized rain events. District rain measurement for this event was .83” and the updated rain gauge for the season is available on our web site here.