Urban Water Management Plan Update

(Montecito, California, April 21, 2017)

Montecito Water District’s Urban Water Management Plan 2015 Update has been prepared for Public Review. It will be presented for Public Hearing at the District’s May 16 regular Board Meeting.

The Public is Invited to Participate:

Public Hearing before the Board of Directors

Date: Tuesday, May 16 at 2pm

Location: Montecito Fire Protection District, 595 San Ysidro Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93108

Questions /Additional Information, Please Contact:

Adam Kanold, Engineering Manager


Download the Current Urban Water Management Plan draft

An Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) is a planning tool that generally summarizes the actions of water management agencies. It provides managers and the public with a broad perspective on water supply issues. The UWMPs provide a framework for long-term water planning and inform the public of a supplier’s plans for long-term resource planning that ensures adequate water supplies for existing and future demands.

The California Urban Water Management Plan Act requires preparation of a plan that provides water supply planning over a 20-year period in five-year increments, identifies and quantifies current and potential future water supplies, including recycled water and desalination, for existing and future demands in normal, single-dry and multiple-dry years and describes conservation program implementation and efficient use of urban water supplies.

This 2015 UWMP update will serve to meet the following purposes:

  • A long-range planning document for water supply quantification and reliability,
  • Source documentation for Water Supply Assessments,
  • A guidance document for water conservation,
  • Documentation of policy decisions and selection of water use reduction methodologies,
  • A reporting platform for documenting compliance with the SBX7-7 legislation,
  • A database for development of regional water plans and General Plans.