Meter Reading

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See Below for Instructions on Manually Reading Your Meter

Weekly Monitoring is Highly Recommended

It helps identify leaks and avoid water loss!

Montecito Water Meter Box
Montecito Water Meter Box
Labelled meter image
Meter Showing Flow Rate with Leak Icon

Track Usage

1. Find your water meter box (typically located on the front of your property, near the street). The meter box cover will be labeled MONTECITO WATER. Note: Be careful when removing the meter box cover so as not to damage the antenna or smash your fingers. Use a screwdriver to remove the cover and gently place it next to the meter box. You may also want to wear gloves as protection against insects and spiders that may be in the meter box.

Lifting the lid of the water meter will activate the light sensor on the meter, displaying a nine-digit LCD to show consumption, as seen
in the image to the left.

2. The first four underlined numbers, all the way to the left, are the billing units, measured in hundred cubic feet (HCF), that have passed through the meter. Those are the numbers used to calculate your usage. Compare this usage to previous week's usage to determine if unanticipated usage is taking place.

Check for Leaks

The display will alternate between the unit read and the rate of water currently flowing through the meter. You can also display the rate of flow mode by touching the optical display switch or by closing and opening the meter’s lid. If there is no water flow, the display will read 0.00.

Your water meter also has a leak indicator icon, a faucet, that will display if water is running continuously through the meter over an extended period of time. This can be an indication of potential leaks in your house.

You can also determine if you have a leak by turning off all the faucets and spigots in and around the house. The rate of flow, measured in gallons per minute, should be 0.00. If the meter still indicates water flow with all fixtures off, you likely have a leak. For example, the image to the left shows a flow of .07 gallons per minute.

Please Note: MWD does not repair leaks on the customer side of the meter. That is the customer’s responsibility; you may wish to call a plumber

smart meter icons legend
smart meter icons legend

Meter Reading Service Schedule

Meter read dates are posted monthly to the District Calendar.

The scheduling for reading all District meters is over three days, usually beginning the 26th of every month, unless the 26th falls on a Sunday or holiday. Then the reading of the meters will begin on the next available business day. If the second or third day of meter reading falls on a Sunday or holiday, reading will be suspended for that day and continue the following business day.

Need help with reading your meter or interested in learning about water conservation? Call us at 805.969.2271.
An on-site consultation with the District Conservation Specialist is available upon request, at no charge to customers.