Rates & Fees

Ensuring that our customers have a water supply that is safe, reliable and affordable takes a complex production and delivery system. Providing your water service also takes a highly trained staff devoted to quality and dependability. Developing rates and fees requires a detailed independent study of the actual cost of supply and service. This approach helps ensure that rates are fair, equitable, and tied to the demand customers place on the water system. While the majority of the District's costs are fixed, your cost of water is based on a combination of fixed costs and how much water is actually used.

The District’s current rate plan was adopted in June, 2020.

Conservation is a California Way of Life!
Water supplies are costly and not unlimited--
These rates reflect careful planning for budgeted customer usage over the five year period.
Do your part, be water smart!


Estimate your rates based on meter size and usage:

Monthly Meter Charge

July 1, 2020July 1, 2021July 1, 2022July 1, 2023July 1, 2024
1 1/2-inch$135.04$138.83$142.72$146.72$150.83

Monthly Private Fire Line Charge

July 1, 2020July 1, 2021July 1, 2022July 1, 2023July 1, 2024

Water Usage Rates ($/hundred cubic feet or hcf)

July 1, 2020July 1, 2021July 1, 2022July 1, 2023July 1, 2024
Tier 1: 0-9 hcf$6.56$6.75$6.94$7.14$7.34
Tier 2: 10 - 35 hcf$11.14$11.46$11.79$12.13$12.47
Tier 3: 36+ hcf$12.31$12.66$13.02$13.39$13.77

Miscellaneous Fees and Charges

For specific services provided by the District to a Customer such as late fees, after-hours service calls, and monthly hydrant rental fees. Update adopted on June 27, 2023:

Item #Fee/Charge DescriptionFY 23-24 Fee/Charge
(Effective July 1, 2023)
1Late Charge for Non-Payment
First Month Late (in Calendar Year)6% of total bill
Following Months Late1.5% of past due amount
2Final Discontinuation Notice (Non-Payment)$21
3Disconnection of Water Service (Non-Payment & Backflow Non-Compliance)$42
4Re-establishment of Service$29
5Lock Out Damaged/Broken Lock$59
6After Hours Service Call$153
7Notice of Lock Off (Backflow Non-Compliance)$28
8Non-sufficient Funds check (NFS)$23
9Hydrant Meter Use
Installation/Removal Charge$129
Monthly Rental Fee (billed monthly only)$34
Water Unit Rate ($$/HCF)$11.51
10Meter Flow Test$199
11Fire Flow Test Fee$538
12Meter Downsize/UpsizeTime + Materials
13Can and Will Serve Agreement Request "CWSA" (nonrefundable and due at time of request)$219
14Manual Read if OPT-OUT of AMI (Monthly Charge)$16
15Miscellaneous Service Request ChargeTime + Materials

Payment Programs & Billing Policies

Discontinuation of Water Service Policy, Past Due Notice & Turn Off Policy

Link to the District's Discontinuation for Non-Payment Policy Page

Late Charges

A late charge is included on the past due amount of the monthly bill. The late charge will amount to 6% of the first month's past due bill, followed by an additional 1.5% fee for each month thereafter. It covers the District's actual costs of financing late payments from delinquent customers.

"AUTOPAY" Direct Payment Program Terms and Conditions

Direct Payment is a FREE service that allows you to have your recurring water bill paid automatically by credit card or from your checking or savings account. No checks, no postage, no late payments, and no hassles. Direct Payment uses the same network as direct deposit.

The system is safe and reliable. Sign up today here:  montecitowater.com/paybill

If a customer elects to participate in the Direct Payment Program, the amount of the water bill will be automatically debited from the customer's checking or savings account on the 20th of the month or on the following business day.

If a customer should have any questions concerning the charge shown on his/her bill and does not want the amount of the bill deducted from the account, the customer must contact the District and initiate a request within ten days after the billing date. Any such request must be in writing. A copy of the written request should be retained for the customer's records.

If there are insufficient funds in the customer's account to cover the direct payment, he/she will be assessed a $25.00 service charge. The District will then require that the current payment amount be covered in cash, cashier's check or money order. After two such occurrences of insufficient funds, a customer may no longer be eligible for the Direct Payment Program.

Participation in the program may be canceled at any time by giving the District 30 days written notice. A copy of the cancellation request should be retained as a personal record.

New Business Customers

The water bill for a business is directly related to the meter's water budget and entitlement level. Exceeding the water budget will result in water billed at higher tier rates. New Businesses—especially those that use large amounts of water such as restaurants, coffee shops, laundromats, etc.—should ensure the meter’s existing water budget/entitlement is adequate for the intended end use. Please contact the District’s Engineering Department at 805-969-2271 for more information and to determine if the existing entitlement is adequate for the intended end use for the site.

The Water Availability Charge (WAC)

The Water Availability Charge is a key source of funding for Capital Projects. The WAC assessment amount has not changed since it was initiated in 1996. For properties within the District's service area, this annual assessment of $30 per acre (or per parcel if less than an acre) is collected along with property taxes and is used exclusively to fund water system improvements such as upgrading distribution services, replacing aging infrastructure, and increasing reliability and the ability to meet fire flows. The WAC is reviewed in Public Hearing and renewed by vote of the Board of Directors annually. Review typically occurs during the June Board meeting and current year assessment figures are available at that time.