Water Quality (CCR)

Annual Drinking Water Quality "Consumer Confidence" Report

Drinking water supplies are treated to comply with Federal and State standards in accordance with the United States Environmental Protection Agency's Federal Safe Drinking Water Act and the State of California's Water Resources Control Board requirements.

Year after year, the District confirms that it meets or exceeds water quality standards in an Annual Consumer Confidence Report, also known as the Annual Drinking Water Quality Report.

The prior year's results are released annually by July 1st.

2023 Report Pending - will be posted in June, 2024

Here are the most current reports:

Steps the District Takes to Ensure That the Water You Drink Meets Requirements

STEP 1:   We begin with a high-quality water supply.

STEP 2:   We treat the water with a variety of filtration processes.

STEP 3:   We add trace amounts of chlorine to disinfect the water as it travels through the water system.

STEP 4:   We test the water. Samples from locations throughout the District are analyzed each day in our own laboratory or by independent state-certified labs. Additional testing is conducted each week for bacterial contamination. Results of these and other tests are reported regularly to state authorities. The tests use ultra sensitive measuring equipment and are highly accurate.

The District employs state-certified water treatment professionals who combine round-the-clock monitoring with extensive analysis to ensure compliance with all State and Federal water quality standards. For more information on Water Quality, please contact Chad Hurshman, Water Treatment and Production Superintendent.