Water Sources

Quarterly Water Supply Update
Updated October, 2022. A summary report for the District, provided by the General Manager.

Diversified Portfolio of Water Sources. The District relies upon a diversified portfolio of water sources, namely Cachuma Project, water imported through the State Water Project, supplemental purchases of water from around the state, Jameson Lake, Doulton Tunnel, and Groundwater. Availability of sources varies depending upon hydrologic, environmental, and other conditions.

The District supplies water to the unincorporated communities of Montecito and Summerland, serving an estimated population of approximately 11,390 through approximately 4,600 service connections. Annual consumption is currently approximately 4,000 Acre Feet per Year (AFY).

In compliance with State regulations, Senate Bill X7-7 (SBX7-7), the future maximum consumption target is 4,800 AFY, excluding potential new sources that are exempt such as Recycled Water. For a detailed overview of the District's water sources and long-term plans, refer to the Urban Water Management Plan.